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The bottom line about our roofing company is that we love what we do.

If you have been in the Miami, Florida area for a while, you probably already know a lot about us here at Duke Contractors LLC. That is because we have serviced more than 1,000 homes throughout South Florida. We have been in the roofing industry for nearly 50 years, and since 1979, our company has always had the goal of providing professional and dedicated roofing services. Our roofing company doesn’t just rest on our experience, however, as we strive to improve daily by being creative, determined, and driven by customer satisfaction and innovations in the roofing industry.

About Duke Contractors LLC in Miami, Florida

Based on discipline and honesty, our roofing company commits to provide you with the best roofing experience with a company you can trust. We understand the stress that comes with roofing, so let us handle it. We have regularly grown through the years by treating our clients with the respect and fair business policies they deserve. We continue working to be the leaders in the roofing field. You can count on us to present the best roofing solutions for your situation.

Our owner’s father was the inspiration behind Jose’s decision to enter the roofing industry. In fact, his father was one of the first to offer tile roofs in Miami. Jose knows he made the right decision because he loves helping people and ensuring their home or business is ready for hurricane season.

The bottom line is that we love what we do here. We love the business that we have managed to create and continue to pursue more achievements along the way. We also think of this as a way to serve our community in ensuring every client receives good service and a roofing company they can rely on to stay protected throughout the year.